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Quick notes on common docker commands

Some notes below on docker.

Volume Containers

Copying files from current directory into a volumes container.

# if volume container is not yet created
docker create -v $DATA_DIR --name $DATA_CONTAINER_NAME $IMAGE /bin/true

# example for my znc contianer
docker create -v /znc-data --name znc-data kyleondy/znc /bin/true

# copy the files in
docker run --rm --volumes-from $VOLUME_CONTAINER -v $(pwd):/move --entrypoint /bin/sh {$IMAGE} -c "cp -av /move/* $DESTINATION"

Example of moving files into my znc container

> tree .
├── configs
│   └── znc.conf
└── modules
    └── push.cpp

# $IMAGE=kyleondy/znc
# $DESTINATON=/znc-data
docker run --rm --volumes-from znc-data -v $(pwd):/move --entrypoint /bin/sh kyleondy/znc -c "cp -av /move/* /znc-data"