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Kyle is Available for Hire

Kyle wants to work for you!

I am looking for a positive company culture as much, if not more than the need for a challenging problem domain. I like to solve difficult and unconventional problems working along with a motivated small team.

The following is a rundown on my ideal role; if I won the job lottery. I acknowledge this is a unicorn, but this is an accurate description of the type of role I would like to be in long-term.

About Me

I find great satisfaction increasing productivity via automation, both for saving resources, and for documentation via automation. I have fallen hard for functional programming am try to apply the concepts and paradigms to everything I do.

Working with short iteration and feedback cycles is integral to my productivity. Due to my work style, I make extensive use of testing, scripting, and automation to allow me to close the feedback loop while solving problems.


100% Remote. I would enjoy an occasional visit to a NYC or Philadelphia office location.

What I am Looking For


The company should fall into one of the three following categories.

  1. A clear and obvious net good to society, simply, I should be proud to work there.
  2. Aligns with my personal interests
    • Supporting people in outdoor recreations
    • The maker movement
    • Has heavy contributions to opensource
  3. Compensates well enough to make me care a bit less about the prior two points.

If the company is in ad-tech, defense-tech, or crypto-currency, its going to be a really hard sell, even with a stellar comp package. Not impossible, but unlikely.

Team / Peers

The team I work with is more important than the company we work for. I enjoy working with teams that have the following attributes.

Day to Day

Day in and day out, this is what I want.


I value the following in the culture where I work.



The following are above and beyond and will excite me even more about your organization.


The following things will make me less excited about your organization. They’re not dealbreakers, but I will probably ask for greater compensation if some of these practices are present at your company.


Having a primary role supporting either a printer, a phone, or a ‘legacy’ system. Life is too short.

Contact me

Does all of this sound interesting to you? Awesome! You should contact me if you meet the following criteria.

Please contact me via email at and include the following: